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          LOCATION:Welding equipment>>Automatic Double head Water Slot Milling Machine -- LXCZ2
           Automatic Double head Water Slot Milling Machine -- LXCZ2


          ♦Used for milling all kinds of water slots and air pressure balance grooves.
          ♦Two groups of three-axis milling heads along guide, with high precise processing and high production efficiency.
          ♦The length of milling water slot within 60mm is adjustable and use widely.
          ♦Absolute milling infeed without professional maintenance and high quality.
          ♦Apply to high grade and mass windows production.


          Input Voltage: 220V/50Hz
          Input Power: 2.28(kW)
          Air Pressure: 0.5~0.8(MPa)
          Air Consumption: 35(L/min)
          Main-shaft Revolution:2500(r/min)
          Cutter Diameter: φ5 φ6 (mm)
          Slot Depth: 50(mm)
          Slot Length: 30~50(mm)
          Overall Dimension:4300×860×1600(mm)
          Weight: 1100(kg)

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